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The LGBTI Theatre Festival is an emerging theatre festival that aims to provide a platform for queer artists, performers, play and screen writers, poets, drag king and queens to produce and devise original works. Throughout this festival we aim to showcase the diversity of the queer voice. 



1. Vivienne Eliot: “How much does your secret weigh”.

“How much does your secret weigh?” explores the self destructive tendency to make a home out of secrets. Eliot asks the participants to take a piece of string – however big or small their secret feels – and tie it to her, as they share a secret. This aims to relieve the participant of the tightness and inner laceration of their secrets by attributing them to a visual tie that becomes attached to something else – and walking away from it.


2. Cassie Hamilton and Chris Shanko: “In My Own Words”.

Two members of the LGBTQI+ community present their honest and heart-felt experiences in a combination of verbatim musical theatre. They discuss growing up different, discovering their identity and finding their place in society. They share the challenges they had to overcome and the importance of having a place you feel comfortable and loved. Together, they tell two separate tales of being gay and transgender, but with common values to express the universality of the struggles one faces to live as their truest selves.


3. Riley McLean: “Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight”. (DYPKYS)

Cast: Jack Twelvetree, Genevieve Lawson, Joseph McHugh, Grace Hughes, Parisse Lattimore, Christopher Shanko, Hannah Richens, Taylor Reece, Jamahla Barron, Sam Hawkins

DYPKYS explores straight boy Casey Miller’s struggle for self-acceptance in an alternate reality, where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuals are a minority. Feeling isolated, the aspiring author creates an imaginary friend in his stories– an awkward lesbian in a heterosexual society, who acts as a reflection of Casey as he documents twisted versions of his reality through her eyes. We have chosen a few scenes from the play that reflect the theme of ‘Home’ by exploring the contrast between Casey’s isolation from the homosexual society and how he feels when he is being accepted by those who are close to him.


4. Asia Pop: “Heart Sweet Home”.

Cast: Asia Pop, Carmen Mayflower.

Self-described outcast, Asia Pop, has teamed up with her “drag daughter” Carmen Mayflower. Their goal? Produce an audio-visual experience depicting what it feels like to create a home away from home for the first time. Informed by her experience of leaving a rural town which couldn’t quite handle her unique form of expression, Ms. Pop is the director of this act. She has created the soundscape by weaving together elements of the longing, betrayal and denial felt as innocence was lost and a place for acceptance was sought.


5. Dixie Normous: “Drag Life”.

Hello my name is Dixie Normous I am 19 years old and Newcastle based. My drag aesthetic is known has a few different names but I go by fishy slut. I have been doing drag for 2 years now I have come a very long way and I'm proud to say I am a drag queen. Tonight I will be bringing you 3 different songs by some of my favourite singers. The reason I have chosen these songs is because it’s my style the upbeat is all me. I would like to base my performance on how performing and being on stage is my home I find happiness in my performances I get such an amazing rush and it brings a side to me out that I never knew I had before I started drag. Drag has helped me become who I am today and performing has helped me come out of my shell.


7. Jimi Goninan, Directed by Chris Le Page: “Reflection”

Cast: Jacob Agius and Harrison Cater.

Objects in the mirror are truer than they appear. On Reflection follows the tale of a tormented young man, Timothy, who is struggling with his inner demons and feeling adrift in a world where physical connections have replaced emotional ones. Having left the misery of old life behind, he longs for a safe haven…somewhere to call home. It’s only when he stops running from his problems and finally takes a good hard look at the real cause of his unhappiness that he start to move forward in his quest. Who doesn’t want to feel a sense of belonging, after all?"


8. Teddy: “With Love”

Proud transgender man and LGBTQI activist, Theodore Devere performs a self-written passionate piece about the warmth of coming home and the emotions it stirs. The song talks about being who you are and how great it is when you're surrounded by people that accept and support you no matter what, and that's what makes coming home such a lovely feeling. It was written in homage to his family and friends, as he would not be who he is today without them and who he will always keep close to his heart.


8. Pantseat Performing Arts: “Seasons of Love” – RENT.

Cast: Cast of Pantseat’s Production of RENT.

In 1996, an original rock musical by a little known composer opened on Broadway and forever changed the landscape of American theatre. Two decades later, Jonathan Larson’s RENT continues to speak loudly and defiantly to audiences across generations and all over the world. A reimagining of Puccini’s La Bohème, RENT follows an unforgettable year in the lives of seven artists struggling to follow their dreams without selling out. With its inspiring message of joy and hope in the face of fear, this timeless celebration of friendship and creativity reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters—love.


Technical Production: Jenna Blayden

Musician // Technician // Performance Artist

An electronically underscored performance poet: brain spew of Jenna Blayden (the artist formerly known as Jenna Gill), a multi-disciplined performer with a background in theatre and music. 


Photography: Lily Doble

Freelance photographer with a focus on portraiture, events & performance, and nature photography. Currently in the Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, Lily has just returned from working in the pituresque Banff National Park of Canada; as well as North and Central America! Lily is available for your portraits, maternity & newborn photos, special occasions and creative endeavours. With prices starting from $80, contact Lily below to book your session today!