“Anything But Marriage” written by Chris Le Page and produced by OCCUPY: Theatre, Arts, Multimedia is a historical fiction piece of theatre that follows the lives of two men and two women. The piece's narrative begins on the dates of 6th of August, 2017 when the Australian Liberal Party voted on a postal vote survey asking the question “Should the law change to allow same sex couples to marry?” 

Throughout Le Page piece, the audience is taken on a journey of how the LGBTI people of Australia felt throughout this campaign and explores the concept of how these peoples private spaces and relationship were then made into public and political space for public critic and comments.

The play starts with all four characters at the last protest for marriage equality before the Liberal Party closed office meeting to discuss if they should allow a free vote or to put it back onto the Australia people. From there, the audience will follow the lives of these character and the way the debate effects, not just them, but the changing Australia around them.