Room 54 - 2019 Short and Sweet.

Room 54, co-written by Bretany Amber and Chris Le Page, produced by OCCUPY:Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media explores a friendship between two strangers that simply find each other an a hospital room. Come see how a broken leg, crosswords and prawn chips can be the start of a beautifully innocent friendship.

Performance dates: 28th February, 1st March, 2nd March, 3rd March.


The Check List - The Amplify Project.

The Checklist is an immersive theatre piece that centres around the precautionary list that runs through every woman’s head as she walks alone at night - keys in hand, phone ready, avoid the park, take out head phones (and the list goes on). The piece follows a woman’s journey home from start to finish - exploring the thoughts, feelings and sensations of fear that accompany something as simple as walking along an empty street, walking through a dark park, seeing a figure in your peripheral. Focusing specifically on the choices made by the protagonist to stay safe, at every point where a decision must be made, the piece will creatively allude to the devastating results of making the “wrong choice” in short snippets while still progressing with her journey. While the audience will experience the story primarily through the “right” decisions that were made, the climax of the piece will be an interaction with a man right before she reaches home that results in her rape. This is to clearly demonstrate that a woman could make every “right” choice for her safety, and still ultimately end up becoming yet another.

Performance dates: 16th -20th October.