Occupy: Theatre, Arts, Multi-Media was established in 2016 by Chris Le Page. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, OccupyTAM aims to create innovative contemporary  works across the mediums of Theatre, Film and photography. The aim is to collaborate with emerging artists to produce performative works. Throughout these works and collaborations OccupyTAM endeavours to provide an environment where young artists can explore their voice, and be apart of a community. 

OccupyTAM's first project was the LGBTI Theatre Festival (March, 2017). The festival's aim was to showcase emerging queer artists and provide a platform for those works in the regional City of Newcastle. Many local queer artists were able to devise and showcase their queer work. 

In November, 2017 OCCUPY:TAM produced it's first production at the Blood Moon Theatre, UNKNOWING. For reviews and photos of this production head to our Production tab. OccupyTAM has most recently produced the 2018 LGBTI Theatre Festival which was in Sydney with the  theme of "Journey". 

Currently, Occupy:TAM is in the post-production development stage of their first short film, Wait and Where have you been?

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